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CCC Technology is a UK based tuner specialising in ECU modifications for most makes and model of car and van available in the UK. We use only genuine, fully licenced equipment from Europe's leading tuning houses to ensure your vehicle is in safe hands.

Please use the menus to navigate the site and find the products and services that you require. If you are looking for a specific product or service and cannot find it, then please contact us with further details of what you require.

Performance Tuning

We can cater for all types of performance tuning, from a basic lift in performance for a totally standard vehicle, to a 600+bhp track car. Choose your vehicle from the drop down menu on the right to view the performance increase available from a remap on a totally standard vehicle. If you have, or plan to make mechanical modifications to the vehicle then please provide as much detail as possible in the comments section provided.

Economy Tuning

We can provide economy tuning for customers whose aim is to achieve the very best mpg from their vehicle. Please bare in mind that a small improvement in economy can be expected with a regular performance uplift, as detailed in the remapping section. A fair and achievable ball park figure of 5% can be expected from a standard remap, but in some cases can be as high as 20%. This improvement, of course does differ across different vehicles and engine types, so please fill in the relevant form detailing your requirements from the drop down box on the right for further information.

Bespoke Tuning

We can also provide tuning to suit customers individual requirements. Below is a brief overview of what we can do, but this list isn't definitive, so please contact us with details of what you require.

DPF Delete - To remove the diesel particulate filter functionality within the ecu to prevent regeneration mode and limp home mode being activated.

EGR Delete - To remove the exhaust gas recirculating functionality

Speed limiter removal/addition - To remove a frustrating low speed limiter, or maybe to install one on a commercial vehicle to improve economy.

Cruise control install - Installation of cruise control to a vehicle.

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