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Chiptuning, otherwise now known as remapping, is a method by which more power and torque can be liberated from your vehicle by changing just software alone, no mechanical modifications are required to realise the figures shown - just select your vehicle from the drop down menu below to see the increase in bhp, and fill in the form for further details. This technology enables you to release your vehicles hidden power in an easy, effective, and reliable way. We supply and install the software for many makes and fuel types of vehicle. Within hours you can increase the power and the torque of your vehicle by up to 50%. But that's not all, you could also achieve economy gains of up to 20%.

All vehicle types can be remapped, from older vehicles that require a physical chip change, to the very latest tuning protected ecu's.

Select the make of your vehicle from the list below to see what difference CCC Technology can make. If your vehicle is not listed please contact us as we may have more up to date information available.

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